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About KPS R&D

Established in 1989, KPS Research & Design is a family owned and operated Korean company. The founder, Mr. P.S. Kang aspired to be an artist in his youth, but became an engineer and designer of custom industrial machinery. As an artist and photographer at heart, Kang began developing and making photographic equipment, initially with viewfinders for DSLRs and later introduced the KPS Slim Plate system. Then at the 2010 Photokina, KPS introduced a prototype of the acclaimed T5 Geared Ball Head with microTilt function.

KPS is proud of its photographic products and will continue to offer high quality innovative products and solutions. KPS products are crafted in Korea.

KPS R&D America, located in Elkridge, MD, U.S.A., is an affiliate of KPS R&D.